The Subrina Biswal Competition in Performing Arts is held in conjunction with the annual OSA convention. This award carries monetary prizes of $300 for first prize, $200 for second prize and $100 for third prize in both junior (8-12 years) and senior (13-18 years) categories. The award is sponsored by Dr Nilambar Biswal and Annapurna Biswal ($1200) and will be cited as the “Subrina Biswal Award for Performing Arts, sponsored by Dr. Nilambar and Annapurna Biswal.”


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      Benn Marshall

Eligibility Requirements:

Participant must be

  • Below 18 years of age A child of a “Voting member” of OSA with a primary residence in the USA or Canada.
  • Visitor VISA holders and children of visitor VISA holders are not eligible.

Suggested Screening Requirements: The selection may be based on an uploaded video clip of a prior performance of the participant/group. The entries would be screened based on quality, region and time of entry sequentially. The cultural committee should appoint at least three judges to screen the video clips and one of them should be an Executive Committee member. The convention cultural team announces the finalists by a certain deadline which is recommended to be 31st May.

Time Limits: Time limits will be strictly enforced in this competition in all rounds and any entry that does not meet the time requirements will be disqualified immediately. The time limit per performance is as follows:

  • 3 minutes for solo and duet
  • 4 minutes for a group of 3 & 4
  • 5 minutes for a group of 5 & more


The OSA Convention Cultural Committee will make the final decision regarding the participations and the groups will be notified of their acceptance formally by email. Please do not proceed to the final stage of preparation (buying, making props, costumes, recording/mixing music) until you are given the final approval by the convention cultural team.

Age Groups:

  • Junior category: 8-12 years of age
  • Senior category: 13-18 years of age for a group with participants of different ages, the category will be defined by the age of the oldest participant.

Application & Enrollment Procedure: Each participant/group is required to fill out an application for the competition. Each participant must be registered for the OSA convention through individual or family registration. All entries must be submitted to the convention cultural team.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Categories: All categories of performing arts (Vocal and instrumental music/dance/drama) are eligible except the following: magic, calisthenics, comedy or any other item that does not clearly represent performing arts. Comedy as part of a drama or skit is acceptable. All the performances except instrumental music must be in Odia language.
  • Maximum number of items: Each participant will be allowed one solo and one group performance. However, no winner can win the same prize (e.g. first, second, third) under the same general category (e.g. song, dance, instrumental etc) in two consecutive years. For group entries, the whole group or selected individuals from the group may be awarded the prize. If the group wins the prize, the prize money will be divided equally among all eligible participants. The same person cannot win through both solo and group participation. In case that happens, the prize will be awarded to the group performance in the interest of more participants and the solo win will be ignored.
  • Logistics: The date and time will be communicated to participants well in advance..

Award Selection Guidelines:

Entries will be evaluated for their talent in technique, performance, creativity, overall value, and age-performance relationship. Five judges will be selected from the attendees by the event chair in consultation with the OSA Vice-president /Award Steering Committee Coordinator and host chapter organizer(s). The judges must have knowledge on performing arts. US IRS rules prohibit close relatives of participants from being selected as judges. In addition to the five judges to be selected from among the attendees, the OSA Vice-president / co-convener will also function as a judge. His/her scores will be used only in the event of a tie; otherwise the OSA Vice-president/ co-convener score will not count.

Announcement of Award: Names of participants selected for the award will be announced during the cultural Program.