A convention is about gathering people together, sharing a common interest or purpose, engaging in a variety of activities involving spiritual, social, economic, cultural, educational and many other areas.

The Power of Sponsorship: Sponsorship provides vital support to having a successful event; whether it’s funding for a non-profit organization or support for a talented individual in their pursuit of excellence. With your help, we can do better.

Sponsorship is more than just a financial contribution. It is a powerful symbol of support and a testament to your commitment to making a difference. By sponsoring, you are not only helping achieve a goal but also showing your dedication and commitment to making a positive impact. Through sponsorship, you have the opportunity to create a lasting legacy and inspire others to do the same.

I urge you to consider the power of sponsorship and the incredible impact it can have. By joining us in our mission to have a better convention, you can help to make a difference that will last for generations to come. Not only does sponsorship give you the opportunity to give back to your community, but it can also provide significant benefits for your business. By aligning yourself with a cause or individual that resonates with your brand, you can increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and enhance your reputation.

Please consider the power of sponsorship and the positive impact it can have. Thank you for your time, and we hope you will join us in making a positive impact.


  • Reach actively with in-person captive attendees and get access to 50,000+ people across USA, Canada and India.
  • Attendees represent an affluent group of individuals – with net worth mapping to the top 1% of the US population.
  • Attendees represent a very Well Educated and talented group of individuals.
  • Variety of opportunities to sponsor and get in front of targeted audiences. Convention covers a variety of content across this 3-day extravaganza: 
  • Seminars, Competitions and Cultural events with  Roundtable discussions during breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and mehfil breakout sessions, featuring exceptional professionals and very well known individuals, including scientists, C-Level executives, Entrepreneurs and Professional covering topics ranging from finance, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, career growth, professional development, technology, investment and much more 
  • Cultural events – with celebrity appearances – including dance, songs, drama, music, live concert, fashion show etc. 
  • Next-Generation Youth focused cultural, social and entertainment events. 
  • Show floor with sponsors, vendors, business owners prominent throughout the convention. 
  • Slots are closing very fast owning to incredible interest – email us today – osanaconvention@gmail.com to get started.

  • We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all our donors, sponsors and well wishers. Thank you.