Sangeeta Asara


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      Benn Marshall

After being witness to a plethora of scintillating performances throughout the day, as dusk approaches, it is time to sit back, relax and unwind yourself .

If you have a SINGER in you that Is waiting to be heard, THIS is the platform!

If you have a DANCER in you that is waiting to shake-a-leg, THIS is the platform!

If you want to see your favorite OLLYWOOD ARTISTS LIVE on stage, THIS is the platform!

If you want to experience all of this magic happen, THIS is your ONE-STOP destination!

Come and Join Us as we bring to you 3 nights of Mehfil ( Sangita Asara ) with heartfelt melodies of all genres, Antakshari sessions , DJ Night and much more.

Screening Procedure:

  • The open-mic section of the Mehfil nights is limited to 1 hour, so to accommodate more talents we would solicit recordings(audio/video) of your performances(song/dance) — with limit of 3.5 mins for solo, 4 min for duets (or 2 participants), and 5 mins for group.
  • All entries must be submitted to the convention cultural team. No Age limit.