This competition is held during the convention. The guidelines are:
  • The duration of the drama is limited to 15 minutes only**; only 3 minutes will be provided for prop setup which makes the total time to be 18 minutes for each participation.
  • Minimum 4 participants per entry.
  • One drama per each chapter/state/region will be eligible to compete in this category.
  • It must come through the president of the concerned chapter or from an OSA life member.
  • The entry has to have a different name & title than pre-registered dramas. Please check and confirm with the convention cultural team before you choose the drama.
  • Each group should arrange their own props or instruments for competition.
  • Any specific audio or light requirements need to inform while registering and convention cultural team will decide and let know if possible to provide such.
  • Since the number of entries need to be limited due to time constraints, the convention cultural team may use additional screening requirements.
  • ** Drama time limit may be adjusted based on number of entries
For any questions please email to

Submission deadline is May 15, 2023