Odissi is one of the classical Indian dance forms that originated in the state of Odisha. This dance form has a rich history that dates back to the 2nd century BC and is known for its graceful and intricate movements. Odissi is a fusion of music, dance, and drama, and is often performed as a way to tell mythological stories or express emotions through body language and facial expressions. Over time, Odissi has evolved into a highly refined and sophisticated art form, and has gained recognition both in India and around the world. With its unique style and aesthetic appeal, Odissi continues to captivate audiences and inspire dancers and artists alike.

We’re inviting artists from Odissi dance schools of North America to perform at the 54th OSA Convention. Convention cultural team will provide the theme and music for the performance.


  • This is a group performance.
  • Groups will be formed from different Odissi dance schools.
  • Individuals looking for a group will be assigned a group by the convention cultural team.
  • Participants must be OSA Members.
  • Minimum age of participants is 15.
  • Groups may also be formed with dancers practicing the same or different style of Odissi.
  • Video submission for screening is required.
For any questions please email to cultural2023odissi@osanaconvention.org
Submission deadline is May 15, 2023